Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shaking out the cobwebs!

What a beautiful day! I woke to today feeling so good! After being sick for over 3 weeks, the fog has lifted! I got up at first light and jumped out of bed ready to start my day! (7 a.m. is still considered the first light, right?) And by jumped out of bed, I mean that my dh put both feet on me and pushed...but still, I got up and was not sick!!
What a blessing to feel better. Just that simple thing. Feeling better. Wow. Today was very productive. In addition to the standard laundry, cooking, cleaning and tending to my arrows, I cleaned and organized all the drawers and most of the cupboards in the kitchen. Dh cleaned and organized all 3 bays of his shop and the little "bonus room" in the garage! Everything is still covered in a thick layer of sawdust (dh is a woodworker) but we can actually move around in that space now! A task that was LONG overdue, even though we have only lived here since last August. He set up my treadmill in there too yeah! I am more than ready to start using it again.

(here is that bonus room...wish I had a "before" Imagine no space to walk! )

How do we collect so much stuff? Papers and magazines were crammed into the "junk drawer" to the point of over flowing. Things that I had intended to read and never got around to. Pencils, glue and markers were in the wrong spots and kitchen utensils were scattered among the silverware. Rubber bands, sewing pins, GI Joes...all things that somehow ended up in my kitchen!
It was time to set things straight. Not unlike my heart and mind. After weeks of feeling so ill and grumpy and tending to sick kiddos...I was ready to reorganize my head as well! Today I have been singing praise to the Lord! God is good, all the time!

Now if only I could get the rest of the house cleaned for more than 5 minutes!

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