Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brain surgery

Among other things...this past year has been insane. My mother died of lung cancer in june, I lost my job 4 days later and rapidly started getting very ill. My dumb phone won't let me blog well so this will be a quick update. I was bedridden by october with a condition called chiari malformation. Basically, my brain was compressing down into my spinal column. It was extremely severe according to the surgeons so no time was wasted and I was in surgery less than three weeks from diagnosis. I spent two weeks in hospital and am now trying to recover at home. I have an 8 inch incision where they cut my skull open, moved my brain back where it is supposed to be and they left part of the skull off to allow for this to not happen agai
I have lots of swelling and other issues still three weeks post op so walking, vision, speech, cognitive ability are still tbd. Since my case was so severe, my dr is surprised that I'm conscious and warns that I may need six months to recover. More later. Dawn