Monday, May 25, 2009

Week in pictures

What a week we had! There was just so much going on. I will try and catch you up~ I don't have anything profound to blog about, but there are things rolling around in my mind. Maybe soon I will get them in writing. I can say that God is good, and He is with us!

So, the pilot is really slow work wise right now, so we spent the whole weekend together. That is amazing. We rarely get to see him for 3 whole days! He and the composer did some volunteer work at the local airport on Saturday to help get it ready for the upcoming airshow. Always good to lend a hand where it is appreciated.

Friday we went to the Seattle Center for a free event with concerts, dancing etc.It is called Folk Life. It had some very colorful charachters, but also some wonderful music, crafts, arts and tons more to see. We brought food and drinks along, and parked after hours, so the whole night of fun only cost us the gas to get there! Since work is slow, we decided to make the whole weekend as cheap as we could. It took a little planning, lunch packing and saying no when needed, but I think it was worth it!

One day, we walked around the airport trail. It is about 6 miles around. Of course, with little ones...we only did about 2 miles before they were done. It was such a nice evening to walk. It mostly enclosed and there is very little traffic. Add that to the fact that it is only a few miles from home and you have another free outing!

There are educational signs all along the trail. My family enjoyed learning some of the history of our local airport. It has been there since 1934 so it was quite interesting.

Another day this weekend, the pilot was keeping close watch on the AWOS to hear the up to date weather conditions and when the wind was just right, we went to fly kites! My friend Carrie had given them to us (another free event!) I would not have guessed that my kids would have had so much fun flying kites! Thanks Carrie!

And these are some random shots of the kids.

This is preschool time. The shaving cream-on-the-table idea comes from my friend Jennifer. They love to write their letters in the shaving cream and the kitchen smells pretty good after!

Yes, we do school is proof!

Thanks for looking! Have a great day!


  1. Dawn,
    Sounds like a great weekend!
    Glad they liked the kites!

  2. What a great weekend for the family. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dawn,

    My favorite pic is the one of you and your pilot hubby. You both look so series and ultra cool.

    I love reading your blog!