Monday, December 7, 2009

Love this post!

My pal Carrie..who is such an intuitive person and really knows her this post and thought that I would agree with it! I DO!
*Update... if the link will not work, here is the address*

I am always seeking the balance to allow God to move in my children's hearts and not only seek behavior modification alone. It is a LONG journey to realness and reality for me. I fall back into works and trying in my own strength every minute it seems. With all that has gone on here lately...I have been really grouchie and down...that does not make for great parenting. My children see the real me more often than I want then to! I need posts like this one to remind me that even if I blow it and do not act "Christian" all the time, that God still loves and I am still in his arms. Same goes for my kids!

I think that one really needs to read this and understand that it is not about letting children run wild or behave badly, but more about allowing the Holy Spirit to move in their hearts. More about not letting fear of what others think dictate how we parent. At least that is my take on it.

I know many will not grasp this concept...everytime I talk about grace or allowing the Holy Spirit to move I find myself going around and around in discussions about how we are responsible for training our children and all of that. SO not what this is about!

I agree that we are to train our children. I do. I train my children...I fail a lot and I succeed sometimes. I have not gotten the perfect parent thing down yet. Thank God...cause I think he has other, bigger plans for our family then just perfect kids, you know?

Thanks Carrie for thinking of me...I am always touched my how thoughtful you are!!!



  1. I think the link broke up for the artical...

  2. Great article and right on how I think. That said, I am terrible at "micro-managing" my kids and wanting them to conform to a certain way of acting, but what I really desire is they know Christ.