Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Well, it has been over a year since I posted. So much has happened and so much has changed that I can't even begin. I am still fighting Chiari every day...it is an incurable brain disorder. We have moved to Georgia to help DH's elderly mother. That is a LONG story. Life is not what it was..I have changed in so many ways, as has my family. I realized this morning that we have made it through the very fires of hell together. I am grateful for my family...there are not enough words. I hope to begin writing again, as my health allows. I have days where I just sleep, but I can walk on my own again, cook, clean, drive (some days)and do my best to care for the kiddos. They are all in school now...homeschooling seems like a distant memory tho I did it for 13 years. They are growing like weeds and thriving where they are planted currently. My oldest is about 6'1 driving, shredding on guitar and has a wonderful girlfriend that we adore. Life goes so fast. Things are not perfect, not ordered as I might order it but I am grasping to believe that God has things in line. I hope to share some of what has transpired but how do I begin to tell of total and radical changes in my body, mind and spirit? How does one begin to tell the story of loss of faith and utter hopelessness once that dark grip has loosened? How can I tell of the undying devotion and love that I have gotten only from my husband and children in the midst of needing total care? This has affected all of us in ways that are yet to be seen. We have lost and gained and grieved and rejoiced and screamed and cried and yet we are still here, being moved forward still. Today, my heart is full and my mind is quiet. I call that recovery and healing as I know it to be now.

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