Sunday, June 7, 2009

Clothes lines!

I have wanted a clothes line for a long time. For years, we had a huge wrap around porch, and I hung clothes all along the railing there. Worked fine.
Since we moved, I have not had that.
My friends all tell me how much money you can save, and how nice the clothes smell. I know all that and still, I had no clothes line.
The pilot is pretty busy most days. I won't nag him about things when he spends all his time either looking for work in this dry economy, studying for school or actually working when we are fortunate enough to have work to do!

Finally, my dryer broke down and I had no choice. The pilot was still busy, so my oldest son hung a make shift clothes line for me. We did not use the "right" line, but it is working great for a free clothes line.

I found this article on clothesline 101...might interest you.

The dryer was fixed by our landlord (thanks Leona!) and I am still using the line on hot days. The pilot has commented on how nice his clothes smell. I am sure I am saving money on electricity (and it is R-E-A-L-L-Y high in this house) so that is a bonus.
One other thing I have noticed is that on hot days, the clothes dry SO fast that my laundry is done in half the time and the clothes tend to get folded right off the line and put away sooner instead of baskets of laundry sitting on my couch (never a good thing)

I know some of you hang your clothes all year long. Interesting concept. How do you get it to dry fast in colder weather to make it "worth" it? I do about 4 loads a day, I can't wait all day for it to dry, especially on diaper washing days.

Let me see your tips and hints please!

Have a blessed week.



  1. Dawn, that clothes line is a beauty! What a blessing!

    I do three loads of laundry a day (I am guessing that the #4 load of yours is diapers?) and in the winter, you really do have to wait all day for them to be dry. I don't even put them on the line from November until April because they'll freeze here. It just takes forever. So I hang them in the house. I had a line in the basement until we had a renter then I started hanging them in the upstairs hallway. It's ugly and looks messy but it's cheap (unless some little person comes along and pulls them all off the the railing or where ever they are hanging! That's a disaster!) I also use the drawer pulls of the dressers in the laundry room, the ironing board, the locks to the casement windows (they stick out enough to hang small stuff on) and every other place I can find!

  2. Woo Hoo Dawn!!!
    I am glad that you have a clothesline! I LOVE mine!!!!
    I am looking for ways to hang in the winter too...I may try hanging a line in the will be cold, so I will need to see what happens

  3. Glad you got your clothesline. I live in an apartment and a clothesline is not an option. However I have found that I can get the air dried quality by using a good old fashioned clothes drying rack out on my patio. With the added bonus I can use it inside my apartment whenever the sun doesn't realize it is laundry day.

  4. I love your clothes line Dawn. I have been asking for one too. During these past few weeks of warm weather I have started hanging clothes out on the back porch railing. It works but I think they would dry faster on a line. I'm hoping to get one soon. The diapers were a bit crispy for Elsie.I have been mostly drying them outside and then throwing them in the dryer for about 10 minutes to soften them up. I do love the way they smell. There is just something about folding clothes that have dried outside. It's more of a joy than a chore. :)