Friday, April 17, 2009

Wool Soakers!

I have been cloth diapering for over 11 years now (with the exception of a hiatus with newborn twins) I have become more and more self-sufficient and frugal with it over the years. If you even wondered how much money you can save using cloth diapers, check out this
I started with a diaper service and moved on to washing my own diapers. I had 4 in diapers at one point. Buying disposables or even having a diaper service was out of the question! My favorite diapers are MotherEase one size fits all. They have gotten pretty fancy at ME since I bought mine. They have colors, bamboo diapers and even a new "stay dry" model. I just use the plain unbleached ones. I have to say...I love how cute those colored ones are though! I also like to use Indian prefolds and snappi's. Anyway....

I have always wanted to use wool soakers but they start at $35 and only go up insanely from there. So, I decided to make some. My friend Lanita gave me a great pattern and I got started. I have NO idea why I did not do this sooner. Maybe I have more time to crochet now that I have 7 children...LOL.

The pilot teased me that it too me 2 days to make one soaker, but I think that is pretty good if you consider the homeschooling, baby, toddler, 2 preschoolers and OH yeah...the 3 other children!

If you like it, I can make you one.....only $35 :)

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  1. I love how your soaker turned out Dawn! I think 2 days is very impressive!!! I only wish I had $35... :)