Friday, October 16, 2009

This week in photos.

Summer's last hurrah...finishing up what is left of the garden!

Valiant knights and beautiful princesses.

We took the kids to a Japanese restaurant that we used to go to when we only had one child. It was very different going with 7 children. For one thing, we needed 2 tables!
It is kind of neat because you can sit on the floor to eat...sort of, there is a hole for us American legs! Most of us would not make it sitting cross legged on the floor for an entire meal. It was nice to eat out again...a rare treat.

Of course we did lots of park days while the sun was still out. Here are just a few shots.

A dear friend of ours got married (finally! lol) this is his first marriage at age 52!

Pumpkin patch!

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